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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Burning Your Hubby

  Hey bumlookers,

     I wrote about inflated, excessively long words in the last blog, and since I lack creativity and enjoy being a sponge, I thought I'd blog about a friend's observation. He mentioned that the words "flammable" and "inflammable" have no practical difference in their usage. He's right. The word "inflammable" evolved into "flammable" when  some angry firemen insisted that they didn't want inbreds and illiterates burning themsleves because they thought the word "inflammable" meant "unable to burn." Thus, stateside anyway, we switched the word "flammable." Grammar nerds and Brits be damned!] For once, I'm not just lying or transcribing my kereosene huffing induced hallucinations : you can verify this for yourself at the link I've provided courtesy of "Grammar Girl."

So what other rehashed, repeated ideas will I recycle today? Words I don't like.  Another drop in the bucket of hate. I hate the word "hubby." To me, "hubby" is one of those words middle class women who sell Tupperware and Mary Kay products use to remind you that : 1 They area absolutely normal, perky, and upbeat and 2 They're married. They aren't like those single, unfortunate women with less status. They're married and respectable! They made their bones and took their prize in the game of life. Yeah, I'm a bitter son of biscuit, but I'm not so lazy or lame that I find the word "husband" just too long or formal to use in public.
                                                 Ray Ray Montoya

P.S. If you want an alternative to "hubby" check out the Bitches in the Burbs blog- use the term "WH" which can stand for "wonderful husband" or "worse half"according to how well he's been behaving.



  2. Who you calling a bum looker?

    Awesome post! and I have bookmarked the grammar site because I am horrible at it.

    Thank you 007.

  3. Thanks, oh Erotic One! You're a bundle of good vibes!