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Friday, December 2, 2011

Over-Exaggerate, Nowadays, and The Alliteration Disaster

I need to class up my Twitter and online-presence, which to me and most of you means not using any unnecessary profanity or directly referencing any bodily functions or sexual situations. That said, don't worry. I'll still used my deranged imagination to take you places you don't want to go. I mean I can't avoid doing that to myself, so how can anyone following my thought process end up in some tropical paradise at the end of the train? Now, where were we?

Grading a paper, I came across the phrase "now day's. Now days are two words people often mistakenly use to inaccurately try to describe this period in human history as completely unique. "Now days, there are all sorts of rude people and some folks don't have the same values as the rest  of us." Gee, because it's not as if some scientists or historians hadn't  pinpointed the year 1803 in America to be the year of complete agreement over right and wrong and a year free of unpleasant people. Old people like to bitch about young people. That's a fact in every civilization for every time period in Homo Sapien Sapien history. Enough cheap bourbon, and enough ranting. The correct way to refer to the contemporary condition in question is "Nowadays." Personally, I find that spelling counter-intuitive. I don't know if it's a "Combination Word," and I don't think it's a Portmanteau, so I'll leave it to my readership to once more embarrass me with the right term for words like "Nowadays," "Heretofore," and "Nevertheless." I didn't take off any points for that error, by the way, if I, an iconoclastic, influential, inspiring,,insurmountable, incalculably intelligent instructor didn't know (although I damn well should have) then I'll give my student a pass.

   As a senile, surly, sottish, stupid, sloth, I miss a lot of what should be obvious. Again, my Twitter homegirl Tonia pointed out to me another redundant word that is.... redundant and to be avoided : "overexaggerate." Obviously, I should have picked this one up in my earlier blog. It would be an oxymoron and impossible to "underexaggerate," and excess description or inflation is implicit in the word exaggerate, so that's another word that must be cast into the lake of fire.
And with that, this tirade is even starting to bore me. Be well!

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