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Saturday, December 24, 2011

What Little I Have to Offer You Should Probably Refuse

             I'm going to concentrate what little mental energy I have to offer you and regurgitate a blog. After all, there is no reason my expurgations should be confined to the topsy turvy waste rooms of large buses. Yes, my unwavering dedication to family manifested itself in all its glory, which only seems appropriate on the Greyhound, but I digress, digest, well, no, not really... moving on. Today's word, children, is "Onomatopoeia," which means words meant to mimic actual sounds. Think "ding-dong," "pop," "hiss" etc. It's really not a difficult concept, but is a word that I have trouble remembering. My advice for the faux intelligent? Don't use the word until you hear someone else use it in public without getting laughed out of the room. Honestly, that word doesn't just roll off of the tongue. Email is safe too. It's a word you might here in a poetry workshop as well. Usually, after everyone is done reading, people actually begin to pay attention and get into criticism and shoptalk. Someone will confidently use this word in a sentence as if they've been using it since the age of six, but it's more likely that it's fresh in their minds because they just read the word somewhere and looked it up. Given the introduction of this blog, you might imagine how I'm tempted to further shares examples of onomatopoeias, but my many sponsors have insisted that I clean up and class up this wretched little blog.
                                         happy holidays,
                                       Ray Ray Montoya

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