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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Misanthropy-read politics into this and be shot.

Democracy is for the dogs. Drive the underclasses into their homes, meek and shut up. I don't care to see people in various states of undress on their porches, nothing to do but watch and gawk at you as you walk by.  Disrespectful children, litter. Adults have public, angry, obscene conversations in public, wanting the world to know just how dramatic and exciting their lives are at best, no sense of consideration at worst. They can't afford fresh produce, books, or to make savings, but the cell phone service is always on to facilitate an argument. Worst of all, I'm not strong enough right now to pull myself out of the ghetto, this obscenity. Do I seem reactionary? Fuck you. Live it first, then criticize me. This isn't prescriptive or political, this is a raw, emotional reaction. This is a misanthropy that transcends politics. I rarely hate individuals whom  I get to know well, but like better misanthropes than I, I'd rather avoid the glorious "humanity," "diversity," "community," or whatever the boring, rude, loathsome mob is being termed as these days. I know what I've said isn't the whole story, but maybe I just don't feel like pretending this shit isn't there. I want to go on some tirade about the decline of art and literature, but the heat has dried up my creativity or vitriol on the subject. I'm probably wrong.  This is all for want of air conditioning, sex, and regular medicine intake.

What's interesting in the world of words and language? The other day I found a strip of paper that came originally from a fortune cookie. I didn't bother to read it because I knew that I kept it for a reason, and I would reread it soon enough, perhaps taking enough inspiration from it to write a blog. Ironic, given tonight's tirade, the strip reads "Art misunderstanding by calm, poise, and balance." If only! They don't bottle that shit at Wal-Mart, or I'd buy it and drink it down.  The fortune cookie strip also has lucky numbers and a website, but I don't have the money for the lottery and I'm not sure how to place bets at the track.

 Let's not lose track of how great a quote that is. There are many words that function as verbs, nouns, adjectives, but I'd never seen "art" as one of them. Check out this list of such words:

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