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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Going to The Streets For My Fix

           I can't say that I've seen any words that I've gotten hung up on lately, nor have I been reading any authors that seem particularly in love with any words or phrases. At the very least, these authors aren't such obvious logophiles that I can poach off of their words or phrases . So, I am forced to satisfy my word fetish in seedy places. By seedy places, I mean in Facebook instant messenger conversations.
Ray Ray Montoya:
do you have any words that intrigue you?
I've learned "vaguebook" "shipping" and "frenemy" lately.
Nothing that intrigues me, more of just an obsession with saying.
Grandeur/grandiose, colossal, sheepish, fluorescent
Grandeur and grandiose are an interesting pairing. A Google definition search reveals that they are very similarly defined, but with one clear distinction: grandeur is a noun while grandiose is an adjective. It's not hard for me to come up with an example for grandeur: The dictator moved throughout his palace with an air of grandeur. On the other hand, I felt less confident with grandiose. Should I write, "He has a grandiose vision of his nation and its future"?  or "Lady GaGa has a grandiose sense of fashion"?  I apologize for the clumsy pop culture reference; it will not happen again. In the meanwhile, what do you think of those words, examples, this dreaded blog, life, the disappearance of frogs, or what have you?

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