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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rolling with the Apostles.

In what will go down as one of the most obvious statements in history, I hereby declare that the words we choose reflect our opinions and values. The unique acquaintance of mine who I've referenced before on here has his own individual names for just about everyone he regularly interacts with. He refers to me as "Carnophage" which is ironic since I don't eat the flesh. He calls my mother "Dr Martinez," his lover (who is female) Emmet and another mutual acquaintance "The DARPA Chief." On my cellphone, I have him listed as "Troutface." I feel like I've said enough on this matter, and I will only add that there is some kind of a rationale behind all these appellations( a rationale as unique as he is), and that's all ye know and all ye need to know.
The pastor of  a church I go to and appreciate uses his words in attempt to reach younger generations and remain "culturally fluid." I enjoy his sermons immensely, but there have truly been some verbal atrocities that have found their way into his message. A few week ago when discussing Paul's conflict with some other early church leaders he used the phrase "all up in his grill" as if to suggest Paul was all up in "Jesepheus" grill. Discussing Paul's friendship with some traveling missionary or servant he said they were "BFFs." It culminated in what I thought was the final mistake when said God's attitude to those demanding miracles as a condition of belief  was "Homey don't play that." We, the children of the nineties, are getting old. I seem to remember in his latest sermon about emphasizing the centrality of Jesus and the Resurrection that he used the words "rad" and "neato," but as a traumatized English major I blocked it out.
   Sadly, I have no great word combinations discoveries to offer this entry, save one: "Italian Bookhunter." Please note that the Italian Bookhunter is not to be confused with his close relative the "Portugeese Libros Aficianado."

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