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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1001 Tales of Rural Depravity

                  Uncle Rip insists on contributing to this blog. Normally, I wouldn't let this deranged 100 year old rednecks appear in public or have any kind of a forum, but this was getting absurd. Here it goes:

As an advocate for Christendom and the white man in this terrible age, I appreciate the kind words of those who've called me "racist" and "sexist." To them, I says "thank ya." However, there's been some discussion implying that I'm a bit off kilter or even a denatured pig
I may be a backwoods, inbred,century old cannibal, but that don't mean I accept any responsibility for having anything to do with this here block, book, log or whatever in damnation that pervert has put up. I just needed a place to stay and a few sneaks of whiskey, and that boy needed a life.... to record.... so this abomination is the result. I got mixed feelings about sovereign Indians and papists, and I don't hold with communists, crossdressers or any other foreign threats! Now, if you'll excuse me I got some white lightning to sip and KFC to shove down my gullet before the X-Files documentary comes on.

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